New VTR rider

  • so my story... Long long time ago I ride motorcycles, but i quit 2007...pure mental reason. I never give up the motorcycles, but I just don't ride. This time year i finally decide to buy some ready for road bike and I bought a DUCATI S2R 800

    I give up for this stupid redactor!!!

  • still to do:

    - I was not able to start the bike in unsyncronizied mode (wasted spark and 360 fuel..till cam sensor is catch). It works kind of, but when the motor is hot, is backfired badly. So I stick to syncro should turn at least 2 times the crank.

    - I still not dynoed the bike, and unfortunately I don't remember how it ran with carbs, but it feels very smooth and still do 250km/h, but I feel no brute power. I wonder if i put/produce 48 or 50mm throthles instead of Vera 42mm will improve the situation

  • 250km/h mmmmmmm Nope! I just glued my phone to the tank, download some speedometer application and check the speed. So 200km/h is more like 180km/h hahaha. Did I build VTR/Varadero slugishness?!?!?

    I need speedo healer or...can try to read the speed sensor and thru ECU to drive the speedometer. Great idea...I go to the garage :)

  • Bold theory.

    Valid if you'd adjust transmission ratio to have Vmax @ rpm of max performance.

    Stuff like this is more reliable

    I'm not familiar with the MaxxECU, but the Megasquirt software allows for pretty good logging and post-processing.

    In this case, you'd just log vehicle speed and rpm. Together with transmission ratios, weigh aerodynamics you could estimate performance.

    As far as I remember the MegaLogViewer had such pre-defined channel for performance logging.